Saturday, June 28, 2008

More Plotting Assumptions

Here’s another idea from John’s Ideas on Blogspot, and it works well with my other techniques on getting rid of the sagging middle of a book or even twisting the premise.

This idea, however, is closer to brainstorming plot ideas. Take a subject from a novel you’re planning or one you’re working on at the moment. Ask yourself what’s happening to this subject right now. Step outside the box and let your imagination fly. For example, look at ideas for these subjects: an ER room, Statue of Liberty, or Goldengate Bridge.

What’s happening in an ER room?
Life and death surgery
Life-threatening surgery of the president
Someone using anaesthetic to commit suicide
Someone using anaesthetic to commit murder
Romantic Rendezvous
Finding an alien child during surgery
Releasing a plague during surgery

What’s happening at the Statue of Liberty?
Someone finds a body
A bomb is found
Someone commits suicide
Tourist finds a secret hiding place with amazing information
A man propose to a woman
The view takes someone back in time to the past

What’s happening on the Goldengate Bridge
A suicide attempt
A bolt loosens
Someone spots a swimmer struggle to survive
A car goes over the edge
Paper catches on a windshield with a meaningful message

I’m sure you can add idea to these lists, but what you see is imagination at work. Now take a room, a location, a person from your own novel and see where this kind of brainstorming can lead. When you’re story begins to sag or when you’re stuck for an idea, take any subject and see where the question “What’s happening now” can lead you.

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