Friday, August 7, 2009

Creativity: Reader's Comment Question

In the "comments" section of this blog, people sometimes ask questions. If the question seems it might interest more of you, I will often respond here.

Here's the comment from Terri B:
You mention books on creativity for writers. Could you give the titles? I have a lot of books on the craft of writing, but I can't think of one that specifically deals with creativity. It's a subject I love though. Since we're made in the image of our Creator, part of what that means is a slice of creativity.

I don't recall mentioning any specific books, but I have found many articles on creativity in magazines on writing and websites that offer exercises and information on creativity.

Writers Digest has an Internet link that provides 101 websites for writers dealing with creativity. They are reliable in providing excellent writer's information:

Click here: Writer’s Digest - 101 Best Websites for Writers: Creativity/Challenges

They I have never read any of these books, they are ones that caught my interest. This one is from the author who wrote The Artist's Way

Click here: Creativity On Tap: Writers

These also looked worthwhile. If you own one or purchase any of these or any others, please let me know what you found helpful. I'd love to have you send me a review on the book for others who might benefit. I'll post it here.

Click here: Freeing Your Creativity: A Writer's Guide: Creativity Exercises: Marshall Cook's Out-of-Print Classic Suite101.c

Click here: Creativity Rules!: A Writer's Workbook - John Vorhaus, Jeff Arch, Paperback - Books Buy Creativity Rules!: A Write

Click here: Be a Creative Writer - Tish Farrell, Paperback - Books Buy Be a Creative Writer India -

Creativity can come from our own delving into those questions such as:

What if. . .

What's the worst thing that could happen?

What does my character want verses what does my character need?

What would my character never do? Then make him/her do it.

These work if you spend time brainstorming.


gumbo writers said...

Great advice. I especially like the point about making a character do something they would never do. Seems simple enough, but could be interesting...Thanks!

Gail Gaymer Martin said...

Glad you found it helpful. Sometimes simple things can make a big difference. This one will.