Thursday, April 15, 2010

Novel Openings And What Not To Do

My friend James Scott Bell is part of a blog group called Kill Zone made up of top-selling suspense authors and the blog deals with some important issues on writing fiction. In an email, he talked about the problems of novel openings, and I thought the information is so worthwhile with great examples and explanations that I want to share it with you. Take time to look at this article called, Garlic Breathe Or What Not To Do.

The blog opens with a quote from an agent speaking at a writers conference:

"If you cannot write a compelling opening scene, from the opening sentence, I'm not going to finish your proposal."

Make sure this doesn't happen to you.


Karen Lange said...

Thanks for sharing this. Will check it out.
Happy weekend,

Cher Green said...

Thanks for sharing. Will check out this blog. Currently reading Scene and structure. Great book so far.

Gail Gaymer Martin said...

Jim Bell has a lot to offer in this books - Plot and Structure plus Revisions and Self-Editing are both great books.

Glad I could send along someone else's ideas.


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