Thursday, December 22, 2011

Words that Confuse a Writer

Agent Steve Laube shares tips writers on his blog, Daily Writing Tips and I enjoy sharing some with you that ring a bell for me concerning my own weakness or ones I find while critiquing work for conferences. One of his recent articles provides good information for authors who sometimes get words confused. No matter how much writers work to spell words correctly and to use words appropriately errors happen. Once in a while words that sound alike or similar but have different meanings sneaks into manuscripts.

Although writers edit their work many times before submitting, at times words are left behind that shout “mistake” to an editor who is considering your manuscript. One mistake might slip by but more than one can trigger a rejection. Even good articles might be passed up, because the editor has a stack of hundreds on his/her desk. Why pick one with a glaring error when another as good is error free?

This article on 15 Frequently Confused Pairs of Verbs is one that can remind you of where to be extra cautious when writing an article or a novel. Hopefully you will find it helpful. Check out other articles on Steve’s blog. Blog on 

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