Friday, March 16, 2012

Important Tips for Self-Publishing

With the digital explosion, thousands of writers are jumping onto the self-publishing bandwagon which many avoided before. While traditional published authors have a definite edge, because they are already established as qualified writers with a host of readers who are fans of their work, self-publishing has always been a choice for some who do not want the battle scars of being an approved author by traditional publishers.

Now that Kindle, Nook, Sony and many other ebook readers have become popular offering ebooks is an option and one that is far less expensive for self-published authors than the paperback books that cost them thousands of dollars for a quality novel.

Still those jumping into the self-publishing market need to understand the problems that they can face. Romantic suspense novelist Darby Rae in her article Seven Deadly Sins of Self-published Authors cover topics on sales expectations, manuscript editing, website exposure, marketing and promotion, value of social media, information overload and time issues in promotion. Read the excellent information at

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