Saturday, July 21, 2012

Using A Characterization Worksheet

An author must keep track of everything significant about the major characters, both for accuracy in the novel and also for the time comes to provide information for the cover art.  I've found this worksheet to be invaluable, and I always include copies when I teach writing fiction around the country.  It fills one sheet and leaves place for information to be collected.  I prepare one a form for all major characters. The back of the sheet is used, if necessary, for other backstory ideas or more details. Along with the sheet, I add photographs found in magazines or clothing catalogues for each major character. Feel free to copy and paste the form into your own files for your use.


Character Name:

Age: Height: Weight: Eye Color:

Hair Color and Style:

Identifying physical characteristics, description:

Idiosyncrasies and mannerisms:

Greatest Strength:

Greatest Flaw:

Greatest need or want (long-range goal):

Short range goal:

Other character strengths:

Other character weaknesses:

Dark secret:

Greatest fear:

Biggest regret:

Most Powerful Dream:

Character’s conflicts with the love interest or other major characters

Danger or loss without reaching goal:

Darkest moment:

What about character renews the spirit of other character?

How does strength overcome greatest weakness for happy ending?

What does character learn by end?

Place of Employment and position:

Kind of Car:

Parents names:

Siblings names and data:

Significant friends or coworkers:

Faith upbringing/spiritual attitudes/issues or major Internal Conflict:

Reverse sheet for backstory - family relationships, dysfunctions, upbringing, discipline style, education, serious illness, family tragedies, talents, successes/failures, health

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