Thursday, August 30, 2012

Writers Beware

Writers considering what as known as vanity or self-publishing need to beware of so many sites quoting unbelievable offers and recently two articles appeared that give excellent warning to writers. Sometimes to-good-to-be-true is. The promise of books in major bookstores across the country, contests that will take your novels to amazing heights. Editors And Preditors is a site I’ve mentioned before that provide pertinent information on publishers, agents and other writing related website that have bad reputations.

Susan Kaye Quinn on her blogs some good article on this very topic.(://  Please note that it’s partially an ad for her companies services, but still the information is good. She mentions another such site that provides similar information to Editors and Preditors ( ). Writers Beware ( ) distinguishes self-publishing from vanity publishers by saying that for self-publishers "all rights, and profits, remain with writer." This resource is another place writers can go to receive guidance in making wise choices. Always check these sites to find the complaints and law suits of resources promising things they do not honor.

Another article from Publishers Weekly, a respected weekly publication on the publishing industry and on book reviews, also provides a warning. When this magazine offers a warning to writers, it’s one that I take seriously. I have known this problem for a long time, but here is a take on it from someone who is a spokesman for the writing industry. This article is very pertinent to those who are considering self-publishing or POD publishing.

PublishAmerica Publishing has been considered a risk for a long time by the publishing industry and, now, by many eager writers who believed what they were told by PublishAmeria editors, but a study by Publishers Weekly documents the unorthodox and pitiful attempts PublishAmerica has used to confuse and present false promises to hopeful writers. Check out this article and read carefully.

I hope you find these articles helpful and that you keep the links for Editors and Preditors as well as Writers Beware and use them to help you make wise decisions.

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