Monday, November 5, 2012

A Different Take on Vanity Press Vs. Traditional Publishing

For years, vanity presses---another name for paying to have a book published and another form of self-publishing---has been contrasted in a negative light to traditional publishing. Some of the arguments are legitimate, but with the rise of digital publishing, some authors have taken a new look at self-publishing.

Recently I read an article that pointed out the argument to going through the traditional process of honing your craft and submitting to an agent and/or editor, then using their knowledge in the rejection letter to continue to work at making your writing the best it can be.  After years of honing, studying, critiquing and paying your dues, you finally hit pay dirt and a contract is issued. This contract means your book would be in print on paper and sold in bookstores across the country. This is  the prize most authors long to have in their lives.

But the digital market has opened new doors and has changed the views regarding the benefits of digital publishing. Many well-established authors have hit a new kind of pay dirt as they watch money roll in from the books now sold online in the digital market.

Bernard Starr's blog article, printed in the Huffington Post, offers a thoughtful take on the arguments for and against the vanity press. It will open your eyes but also give you hope if you are still struggling to sell that first book.  Here's the link:

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