Saturday, May 2, 2009

One more article on Self-Publishing and Scams

Since I've been offering information on forms of publishing, I wanted to share this article with you. It has some very important information and will give you something to think about.

Disagreements often stem from disucssions about the way in which a book is published, and yes, traditionally published authors can get rather snobby about books that aren't "approved" by a marketing team. They feel that way for valid reason, but the attitude needs to go. Many self-published books are poorly written by writers who have no idea how to write a book. But some of the books are well written and didn't make the cut with a traditional publisher because the story didn't have a broad appeal to sell books. Niche books are more difficult to sell. Remember publishing is a business. They want to make money.

But so do self-publishers and as this article points out so well, authors who choose self-publishing need to beware. The article you'll find on the link below was written by James Watkins, an editor with a tradtional publisher but also the author of fourteen royalty-published books and three self-published books. This article makes some excellent points well worth reading.

Just beware and do your homework. You can locate many sites that lists scam publishers, agents and publishing related businesses. Some will provide you with good service and some are out to do anything to make money.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with the article more. Just like with any investment, self-publishing houses need to be researched thoroughly before a prospective author can clearly decide which one to go with.
I especially like the comment about ridiculously low prices, because even in the publishing world you get what you pay for.

Gail Gaymer Martin said...

Glad you found the article helpful. It's good to understand all kinds of publishing so you can find the best for you.