Sunday, April 26, 2009

Print On Demand Publishing - When Does It Work For You?

Most everyone prefers to publish with a traditional publisher. Why? Because they deem your book worthy enough to take on the expense of publishing your novel plus giving you money to do it. They work with the author on edits and revisions to make the book the best it can be. They provide a quality cover and often ask for your input. They create a back cover blurb and many allow you to write your own or approve what they create for you. They print the book on quality paper often with unique and innovative covers. They distribute the book nationwide and promote it with you--and in some very amazing ways. The will often provide bookmarks, postcards, arrange public appearance and media coverage, as well as book tours. Along with that they provide a solid advance on royalties, and when the is recovered, they send a royalty statement and royalty checks twice a year until the book is no long in print. Traditional publishers will also provide you with some free copies of your novels or books.

But some people chose to self-pubish, e-publish or go with houses who use print-on-demand for publishing. Is this wrong? Not really. It depends on you, your book and your purpose for writing and publishing a book. If you want a writing career, traditional will work best for you, but if you have other reasons for seeing your novel in print, then other methods will work.

I read an interesting article on the Internet on It will provide you with good information to help you make wise decisions as you move forward in getting your novel published. Check it out.

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