Monday, May 28, 2012

Writing Prompt with a Smile

Sometimes writers hit a wall with story plots or dry up with ideas for a new novel. It's not uncommon, but it's always disappointing and sometimes frightening. Authors think it's a sign to give up.  This is a time when writing prompts come in handy. Prompts are varous activities that help stimulate authors' imaginations and drag out creative material that lay dormant in their minds.

We all have those days whether new writers or ones who have fifty published books as I do. The dry uncreative moments are not times to give up. They are times to step back and stimulate your minds. Physical exercise works for some. Reading a novel works for others. But quicker methods are varoius writing prompts that stimulate story ideas through creative activities.

This particular one is different -- funny, yet creative--but I caution you not to let it be a time waster.  I found my mind grabbing one of these titles and thinking the kind of story it could be. Have fun but use it as a prompt and not a time waster. Here's the link for Dragonwriting Prompts.

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